nicola_about_pageNicola Read . . . .

Previously with Washington Green, one of the UK’s leading art publishing houses, Nicola’s work sells nationwide in the UK, in Ireland and America.

Her paintings are keenly sought after by varying business establishments, including galleries, offices, bars, and restaurants and she also undertakes private commissions.


A practising Reiki Master, Nicola, describes herself as a sensitive and spiritual person and believes her paintings often reflect this side of her personality.  In her commissioned abstract paintings in particular, a client’s energy will often be represented via choice of colour and style.  In fact Nicola’s love of colour is apparent in her work and she is often inspired by nature and music.

Feng Shui and energy

Nicola’s work has a strong elemental quality that compliments and strengthens any space that requires a specific treatment.

Her pictures are particularly effective for Feng Shui applications and for enhancing rooms with their strong and vivid tones.

Her work has been used to illustrate the following elements:

Metal          – white, silver, gold

Wood          – green

Earth          – brown, yellow

Fire             – red, pink, sky blue

Water          – black, dark blue

She invites you to take a look at some of her previous commissions via the gallery pages, to give you a flavour of style and composition.

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